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Vegan Tuna Mayo Rice Balls


320 ml uncooked rice, short grain kind (cooked according to packet instructions with additional 4 tbsps. of water)

¼ tsp salt

½ tsp sesame oil

8 grams black and white sesame seeds (optional)

6 sheets nori, vertically folded and cut in half or for smaller squares use 3 sheets and cut into squares.


80 grams Vincent vegan tuna

½ tbsp vegan mayo

⅛ tsp salt


Cook your rice according to packet instructions and make sure to add an additional 4 tbsp of water to the instructed amount of water prior to cooking it. This creates a stickier rice.

Meanwhile, Mix vegan tuna with vegan mayo and salt. Set aside.

Once rice is cooked, season with salt and sesame oil and mix well to evenly distribute the seasoning. Allow this to cool completely.

Place a large piece of cling film over a ⅓ measuring cup. Fill the cling film with seasoned rice. Using the cling film, flatten the rice into a thick pancake.

Then fill the center with 1 heaping tsp of vegan tuna mayo mixture. Gently press the vegan tuna mayo mixture down into the rice, then fold up the edges of the rice to create a ball.

Twist the cling film upwards to create a tight rice ball and then mould into the shape of a ball.

Dip the ball into the toasted sesame seeds (optional). Then wrap in seaweed to enjoy.

Reference: Korean food blog

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