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About Us

From Retailing to Wholesaling to Contract Manufacturing:
Your Complete Solution for Vegan and Vegetarian Food

Founded in 1996 with a core mission to make vegetarian oriental food more accessible in Melbourne, Vincent Vegetarian Food has since expanded from retailing to wholesaling and now to contract manufacturing plant-based foods.

Dedicated to supplying the Australian market with an unparalleled selection of plant-based delights, we offer contract manufacturing services to meet the specific needs of discerning chefs and retailers. From delectable meat alternatives to sumptuous dairy-free treats, we curate a diverse range of products with a commitment to quality, sustainability, and innovation. Join us in reshaping the future of food – one delicious bite at a time.


Our Service

Are you a restaurant, café, food service provider or just looking to order in bulk?

As a leading wholesaler, Vincent Vegetarian Food offers a large variety of vegetarian and vegan products for wholesale purchase. For wholesale enquiries please make a request through our email at


Our Offering

Manufacturing & packaging

What We Offer

If our large range just isn’t to your taste, we can help make something totally new just for you! Our team at Vincent Vegetarian Food can help you frominitial food development through to manufacturing and packaging to capture your needs and requirements.

Offering contract manufacturing of frozen, chilled and ambient food products, we have an experienced and dedicated team of professionals to assist you to take your products ideas towards applications for retail, wholesale and foodservice.

Our facilities have wide ranging capabilities and is dedicated to manufacture products that are vegetarian and vegan friendly. We manufacture and distribute a diverse range of products ranging from sauces, retorted meals and plant-based meats.

Contact our team now to begin this unique partnership and take your product ideas to the next level.

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